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Gardening for Wildlife with Native Plants 

We're making it easier to buy native plants and transform landscapes into wildlife habitats.


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Imagine a world where every yard is a haven for life. Where native blooms paint the landscape, pollinator highways buzz with activity, and resilient ecosystems thrive. This is the vision we're planting, one garden at a time.

Garden for Wildlife is on a mission is to ignite a nationwide revolution in backyard habitats, empowering individuals to become champions for biodiversity. We do that by providing:



Native Plants

We're solving the challenge of finding and buying native plants. Our sustainably-grown native plants are backed by science to help  wildlife species.


Expert Guidance

We're raising awareness of the power of native plants through our Learning Center, which features guides for everyone from beginners to seasoned gardeners.


Plant Donations

We're transforming communities and doubling your impact. Every plant purchased is matched with a plant donated to a community garden.

Garden for Wildlife illustrates how every individual can contribute to a world where nature and humans thrive together.

Doug Tallamy
Co-Founder, Homegrown National Park

Making an Impact One Garden at a Time

Key wildlife species like birds, bees, and butterflies are disappearing. You have the power to help and it’s easier than you think. Planting native plants outside your home restores vital wildlife habitat. Studies show wildlife presence can double within one season.

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Get Involved in Wildlife Gardening

From educational resources to inspiring stories, we're here to equip you with the knowledge and support you need. Start your wildlife gardening journey today and discover the joy of nurturing both nature and your own sense of purpose.

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