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Native Plant Fundraising

Empowering Nonprofits, Schools, and Community Organizations

The Garden for Wildlife Fundraising program makes raising funds as easy as growing native plants! Raise funds for your local school or non-profit community organization.


Fundraising Program Overview

Searching for a fundraiser that feels good, does good, and earns much needed funds for your organization can be exhausting. Then once you sign up, most fundraisers require a lot of time and volunteer resources to gain traction. Not ours... 

We’ve made Garden for Wildlife fundraising as easy as growing native plants! In less than 6 months, we've registered 80+ organizations with thousands of supporters to raise funds for non-profits of all sizes. Getting started is easy.

  • No cost/no commitment - start or stop anytime.

  • Earn 15% commission on all sales from your registered supporters while your campaign is live. There’s no cap on earnings! Sell more, make more!

  • Register your organization, share your unique sales link with supporters, and use our fundraising marketing kit to get your message out. 

  • Engage friends, family, and supporters from across the US. We serve 41 states with more on the way!

*Confirm availability. Please note that this program is only available in our Garden for Wildlife service areas. Check our map to confirm we are available in your state. Check Your State

Super-Easy and Beautifully Designed

"You’ve made this fundraiser super-easy and beautifully designed to reach our audience."

Master Gardener (NY)

Easy Way to Help the Environment and Local PTA

"We are so excited to partner with Garden for Wildlife for a fundraiser for our PTA! Native plants are an important part of our local ecosystem. If you've wanted to help out the environment but don't know how, Garden for Wildlife has made it incredibly easy."

Elementary School PTA (VA)

Great New PTA Fundraiser

"This money will be a big help for our 6th grade celebration, and I'm so pleased to be leaving a new fundraiser for the next year's PTA!"


Seeds of Success

15% Commission Fundraiser

Does your organization want to raise funds? Not a problem! Our Seeds of Success program offers your organization 15% of all sales from your registered supporters while your campaign is live.

By engaging your supporters to purchase native plants, you are facilitating habitat restoration in yards across the country. There’s no cap on earnings! Sell more, make more!

Blossoms & Bucks

10% Commission + Garden Donation Fundraiser

Do you need a science garden, pollinator garden, plants for a community service project, or conservation landscaping? Then “Blossoms & Bucks” is the right choice for your organization. This fundraising program helps you raise funds and earn a native plant garden!

Garden for Wildlife will reserve 10% of sales from your registered supporters up to $3000. Once your organization reaches $3000 in sales, you will earn a native plant garden of approximately 150 plants (that’s roughly enough for a 350 sq. ft. garden). Continue sharing your link and you'll earn 15% commission on sales above $3,000. There’s no cap on earnings! Sell more, make more!


Fundraising Resources

In this 6-minute video, our Director of Fundraising explains the basics of the new fundraising program. For more information, visit our Help Center to view the answers to frequently asked questions.

We all hold many identities. I’m so proud when I get to introduce myself as a leader within Third Act, and I often share...
Calling all Garden for Wildlife fundraising champions! Spring has arrived, and what better way to celebrate new beginnin...
Are you considering launching a native plant fundraiser with Garden for Wildlife? If so, you might have some questions. ...

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Native Plant Fundraisers

Our Garden for Wildlife Fundraising program makes raising funds as easy as growing native plants!


Community Garden Donations

For every plant you buy, we reserve one plant to donate to a school or public space, doubling our collective impact.


Engage Your Local Community

Get involved in your state and connect with local organizations committed to restoring wildlife habitat.