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Leadership Team

Garden for Wildlife's dedicated leadership team directs the organization in its mission-driven work. Bringing together talent and expertise in science, policy, education, philanthropy, and more, our leaders work across the organization and beyond to revolutionize the way people plant, by connecting the network of consumers, growers and fulfillment with a single platform. 

Shubber Ali CEO of Garden for Wildlife

Shubber Ali


Frustrated by the lack of native plants to transform his backyard into a wildlife haven, Shubber Ali stumbled upon a challenge echoing across the nation. Working with the National Wildlife Federation, he transformed his personal pain point into a mission: making native plant conservation accessible.

In 2020, he set out to create a curated experience, a one-stop shop for native plants, knowledge, and ecosystem-building tools.

Thus, Garden for Wildlife, Inc. bloomed. Shubber now guides a movement. His journey, from backyard gardener to wildlife champion, reminds us that even the smallest frustration can spark a revolution, one native bloom at a time.

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Shubber is a father, husband, avid gardener, and loves nature - and it’s those last two things that led to his current role. He has spent over thirty years helping companies solve their most complicated and difficult problems through innovation, identifying growth opportunities, enabling technologies and platforms. He was the VP and Global Lead for the Elevate team at Elastic from April 2021 to June 2022, and prior to that he was one of Accenture’s global leads for digital innovation from September 2017 to April 2021, where he worked with the National Wildlife Federation to create the Garden for Wildlife business. He has also served as VP of Strategic Innovation at Salesforce. He has co-founded multiple consumer technology companies, some successes including Centriq (acquired) and Flaik (privately held), and some great learning experiences (aka “failures”). He serves as an advisor to numerous startups. In addition, Shubber has served for 9 years on the Advisory Board to the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown (where he has also been an adjunct professor of Innovation Management in the Executive MBA program) and a guest lecturer for the Emory University Executive MBA program. Since 2014, he also has served as a member of the global advisory STAR program for Airbus.

We need to make this easier for people to find and curate native plants, along with all the education and science, so it’s easy for people to get every bit of information they need. Not just get the plant, but how to plant it, how to take care of it, what species it impacts, how it works with other plants around it.

Shubber Ali, CEO, Garden for Wildlife
John Booth

John Booth


John specializes in driving growth and fostering innovation. A two-time founder, he's built high performing marketing and revenue teams from the ground up. His expertise spans strategic planning to hands-on execution, with a unique flair for branding and storytelling.  He’s a connector, a team builder, and an entrepreneur. 

John brings a wealth of experience in driving growth and sparking innovation. As the founder of two successful companies, he has a proven track record of building dynamic marketing and revenue teams from the ground up. His expertise lies in strategic planning and hands-on execution, with a particular talent for branding and storytelling. A natural connector and team leader, John thrives on turning challenges into opportunities, leveraging his knowledge and experience to deliver tangible value.

Mark McEneaney

Mark McEneaney


Mark McEneaney is a seasoned financial executive with over 30 years of experience in the field. As the current Chief Financial Officer at Garden For Wildlife, he leverages his deep expertise in finance, accounting, and professional services to drive strategic growth and profitability. Throughout his diverse career, Mark has honed his skills in leading and building high-performing teams across a range of privately held and publicly traded corporations. His proven track record of success extends to mergers and acquisitions, making him a valuable asset to helping us "grow" as an organization.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mark is also passionate about environmental sustainability. His commitment to Garden For Wildlife's mission to protect and restore wildlife habitat is evident in his leadership and dedication.

Trisha Singh

Trisha Singh

VP, Platform

Trisha Singh has accumulated extensive experience in product ownership, development management, and data analysis across various roles and organizations. Currently serving as the VP of Platform at Garden for Wildlife, she manages both front and backend development for an ecommerce site, focusing on growth opportunities, customer experience, and data integration. She also establishes tech budgets, tracks performance metrics, and enhances customer care processes.

Prior to this role, she served as a Global Omni Fulfillment Product Owner at Deckers Brands, where she implemented agile methodologies and managed ecommerce tools, budgets, and project teams. She excels in data analysis and reporting, her earlier roles include Fraud Analyst, Sustainability Research Associate, Siberian Tiger Research Associate, and Black Bear Management Technician. Trisha holds a BS in Wildlife Biology from the University of Maine and a MS in Natural Resource Conservation from the University of Montana.

Chris Vanderbilt

Chris Vanderbilt

VP, Operations

Prior to his role at Garden of Wildlife, Chris was the Director of Procurement at Alterra Mountain Company and was responsible for leading strategic sourcing and purchasing optimization activities across a diverse portfolio of North American ski resorts.

At Garden for Wildlife, Chris is responsible for leading operations and corporate infrastructure activities, strategic sourcing, spend management, and leads business development projects to scale Garden for Wildlife.

Chris earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Northern Colorado, and has served in various board positions throughout his career including the Denver Chapter of  the Institute of Supply Management. Chris holds a Certified Professional in Supplier Management and Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity credentials from the Institute for Supply Management.