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Wildlife Gardening at School

Reclaiming Wildlife Habitat for Students 

Create and restore wildlife habitat on school grounds while providing outdoor classrooms for learning across the curriculum. Together, we bloom.


Reclaiming Wildlife Habitat for Students

The National Wildlife Federation provides educational resources for students and teachers, while Garden for Wildlife supplies native plants and fundraising opportunities. 

Schoolyard Habitats
The Schoolyard Habitats® program from the NWF allows students to create and restore wildlife habitat on their school grounds, which in turn serve as outdoor classrooms.

EcoSchools U.S.
EcoSchools U.S., offered through the NWF, is a certification program for elementary through secondary schools that nurtures environmental learning and climate action. Providing a unique learning experience through effective "green" management of school grounds, facilities, and curriculum.

Beneficial for Students and Schools

By getting their hands dirty, students blossom in more ways than one. They deepen their environmental awareness and connection to nature, while STEM skills flourish through hands-on projects. Teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving blossom alongside them, all while enjoying the physical and mental benefits of outdoor exploration.

School gardens bloom beyond aesthetics. They beautify grounds and attract beneficial wildlife, enriching the ecosystem. By embracing sustainability, they reduce pesticide usage and offer cross-curricular learning opportunities.

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Over 85% of students at Gililand Elementary School, a certified school in Texas, passed all sections of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (above the state average) and graduates showed a sustained interest in science.

National Wildlife Federation
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Native Plant Fundraisers

Fundraisers can be exhausting, but we have the solution. Our Garden for Wildlife Fundraising program makes raising funds as easy as growing native plants! Raise funds for your local PTA or school club. You can even earn a garden donation in the process! 

Our community has planted over


square feet of wildlife habitat

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Native Plant Fundraisers

Our Garden for Wildlife Fundraising program makes raising funds as easy as growing native plants!


Community Garden Donations

For every plant you buy, we reserve one plant to donate to a school or public space, doubling our collective impact.


Engage Your Local Community

Get involved in your state and connect with local organizations committed to restoring wildlife habitat.