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Meet the Native Plant Growers 

Support local growers, cultivate a vibrant future

Forget mass-produced, choose community-grown! When you shop Garden for Wildlife, you support local growers, nurture sustainable practices, and cultivate a healthier planet. Explore grower profiles and witness the ripple effect of your choice: a flourishing garden, a revitalized community, and a future blooming with hope.

Rooted in Community, Grown with Care

When you shop with Garden for Wildlife, you're not just nourishing your garden – you're investing in the very roots of your community. Each plant you choose comes from a small group of independent growers who prioritize sustainability, ethical practices, and nurturing the land they call home.

By choosing Garden for Wildlife, you're supporting more than just beautiful blooms. You're ensuring healthy ecosystems, empowered communities, and a brighter future for generations to come. Choose native plants and witness the ripple effect of your action: thriving backyards, stronger economies, and a future where local growers and nature flourish together.


Grow with Us, Expand Your Reach

We’re always looking for new nurseries, greenhouses, and growers to join our network. Growing with Garden for Wildlife helps get more native plants to more people around the country, making a bigger impact for wildlife and our planet. You also gain an extra revenue stream and access to our systems and processes that enable easy, direct shipping to consumers.

Join the Grower Network 

Garden for Wildlife is one of our highest quality customers. Every plant is hand-inspected. We tag, box, and process each customer's package individually.

Stephanie, Greenhouse Shipping Coordinator

Grower Notes

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